Romford Boxing Club Show

Romford Boxing Club Show is being held this Friday the 3rd November at 7pm at Dukes Hall Hornchurch off Park Lane on Maygreen crescent. Prices are Adults £10 Children £5. Sugar Ray’s will be there to see what will be a great show and are donating Vouchers for the winners of each bout. Don’t forget let us know your show’s details where ever you are and we will let the whole Sugar Ray’s world know!

Trevour Berbick Machete Murder.

Trevor Berbick the former world heavyweight champion was killed in Jamaica. He was the last boxer to fight Muhammad Ali and won the WBC title when he beat Pinklon Thomas in the March of 1986. He of course went on to lose the same year to none other than Mike Tyson, in Two rounds. Police are holding a man about the murder. It is a shame that Trevor’s life ended this way and are waiting to hear the reasons surrounding it.

Tips For Losing Weight.

Tips For Losing Weight:
To lose weight you simply need to consume fewer calories than you use. Whilst dieting to lose body fat and maintain muscle, it is vital that you consume a high amount of protein, approximaately 1.5kg of protein per pound of bodyweight. Keep your carbohydrate intake the same as your protein and ensure that you split the total amount in 5-7 meals.
Also incorporate some EFA’s (essential fatty acids) to ensure a balanced profile is kept with your diet, you can get these from fish oils or essential oil blends.
To further aid fat loss perform between 5-7 cardio sessions a week lasting 30-40 minutes per session. Cardio can be from fast pace walking on the treadmill or outside, stationary bike, stepper or cross-trainer. This will also improve your cardiovascular system and overall health.
Once you have stopped losing weight, to further reduce your body fat levels simply reduce your calories by 200-300 calories a day from carbohydrates and fats.
Products to take to help reduce fat loss are in the sugarrays site under supplements/weight loss.

Sugar Ray's Dream Team Football Scores.

Sugar Ray’s Staff Dream Team Football Scores. Are as follows:
Tony 358
Ian 339
Peter 323
Jamie 317
Steve 316
Kim 315
Brett 313
Ian gained 72 points this week to lift himself of the bottom to 2nd, his transfers of Ferdinand and Scholes, did the business. Brett’s transfers in of Angel and Saha have let him down and Tony has been top for a while and didn’t need any help in the transfer window. Jamie’s new players Ronaldo and Johnson have not helped! But Steve’s new signing Scholes lifted him off the bottom for the first time.
We will be opening up the Sugar Rays league next year and offering monthly prizes along with an overall winner prize, any one interested just email us at and we will let you know the details nearer the time.

Chadwell & Corringham ABC

Chadwell & Corringham ABC Present an open show & Hosting of The Eastern Counties Regional Finals Competition. It is being held at The Civic Hall, Blackshots, Grays, Essex. Friday 27th October, doors open at 7pm. Admission for adults is £10.00, Children under 10 years £5.00, OAP £5.00.
Come along it will be a great show, Winners of the bouts will receive a free voucher for Sugar Ray’s.
We will see you there…………………………………


Our inter – company (pixelwork vs Sugar Ray’s) powerball championships are under way…. Latest Scores:


Sugar Ray’s

Scores to follow………
We would like to take this oppurtunity to point out we are strugling through injuries and form, we have set up a training camp in Equador for high altitude training and we will be in touch to post our scores soon(after practice!)
Have a look below for how it is done!(pixelwork did try and pass this off as a ringer and the PA, Powerball Assosiation are looking into a possible points reduction or fine against them.)

Is Nicky Cook vs Scott Harrison Fight off?

With the News of Scott’s arrest abroad and the impending court date in England for a previous incident, is the fight off?

It was good to see Scott put his problems behind him to train for what we believe is one of the match ups of the year, but it now looks like it was too soon. I was hoping that getting back to what Scott does best would be therapy in itself but maybe it is the route of the problem?who knows, but one thing we are sure of is that we wish Scott all the best and hope he put’s this behind him and gets back to what he does best.

He is a formidable fighter and it would be a shame for his career to go off track now. I thought that Nicky’s body shots may prove to hard for Scott and hope I get to find out!

Nicky is in the top 10 of the governing body that counts and has had to wait to go down the prestiges route of a WBC title or the Scott Harrion fight, lets hope he still get’s that. He will make a great World Champ.

The best use Sugar Ray's

We have had a whole range of celeberity boxers down to see the store. We are not ones to name drop……………..but !
Nicky cook and Kevin Mitchell poped down with trainer Paul Cook a few weeks ago and are big fans of the Everlast Pro Sparring gloves. Nicky is looking well and we wish him all the best for his upcomming clash with Scott Harrison, details of the fight will be placed on here soon.
Top Trainer Tony Simms pops in for his gear for top pros Lenny Dawes and Darren Barker to name just Two and are also fans of the Everlast Pro Gloves, Tony has a top dinner show comming up soon and details will be placed on here in the not to distant future.
Terry Stewert buys Ergo Pro sparring gloves and Excel gloves for there stable. Takaloo and Martin Power can’t pop down due to training so order via the phone and talking of power he’s not a boxer but Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor Darts Legend has been buying boxing equipment from us and is training hard he has lost lots of weight with his new regime, so watch out ockey lovers.
Why even the legend Barry McGuigan was down today with his boy an amateur boxer himself.They wear greenhill contest gear. Colin Lynes had us fit his ring in his new gym a few months back, where many famous boxers are now training.
Alex Arthur, Slvia Saint(not a boxer, but famous)………. Too many to mention, but if we get bored one day I might, just to add them up!

Are You A Club, Gym or Leisure Centre?

Are you a club, gym or leisure centre? ring us on 0845 620 6226 or email and see what we can do for you, in terms of deals, service and support for your club. Any of the above that is a member of our forum or that has registered online as a customer is entitled to voucers for there clubs show and a raffle price at christmas. It’s our way of supporting the people that support us. Got a show comming up or trying to raise money and want to raise awarness to? Let us know and we will put you on here to tell the whole Ray’s world. That is well as the great reduced prices we can give you without reducing the service to you.

Welcome to the New Sugar Ray's blog.

Welcome to the Sugarrays blog. This is our first post on the new blog. We are going use it for news on the sport, Events/Shows, Profiles of Boxers Professional and Amateur alike, new items we have in, Deals going on and ideas we may have, on here for the world to see! and you can let us know what you think and want! hey is that blogging? We love a little chat when you phone or come in the store and now we can do it on here too. Don’t forget to sign up at to join the debate.