Tips For Losing Weight.

Tips For Losing Weight:
To lose weight you simply need to consume fewer calories than you use. Whilst dieting to lose body fat and maintain muscle, it is vital that you consume a high amount of protein, approximaately 1.5kg of protein per pound of bodyweight. Keep your carbohydrate intake the same as your protein and ensure that you split the total amount in 5-7 meals.
Also incorporate some EFA’s (essential fatty acids) to ensure a balanced profile is kept with your diet, you can get these from fish oils or essential oil blends.
To further aid fat loss perform between 5-7 cardio sessions a week lasting 30-40 minutes per session. Cardio can be from fast pace walking on the treadmill or outside, stationary bike, stepper or cross-trainer. This will also improve your cardiovascular system and overall health.
Once you have stopped losing weight, to further reduce your body fat levels simply reduce your calories by 200-300 calories a day from carbohydrates and fats.
Products to take to help reduce fat loss are in the sugarrays site under supplements/weight loss.

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