Champions Elite ABC Open Show

Champions Elite ABC Open Show on Staurday May 5th 2007 at Sir Charles Lucas Sports Centre, Greenstead, Colchester. Doors Open 7pm First Fight 7.45pm. Tickets are £10.00 for seated ringside phone Micky on 07786 572 819.
Sugar Ray’s will see you at the show and we wish them the best of luck for the night, we have donated Vouchers.

Please note no black soles or high heels allowed at the venue.

Sugar Ray's Update..

It has been a bit crazy here the last few weeks so we thought we would do a quick update in one go!

Brett is still bottom of the Football dream team with steve leading, in the cricket world cup dream team Jamie is top with brett second dreaded last place goes to Steve. Dont forget to join our league next year and thank you for those of you that have. To join email us at with subject heading Dream Team we will send you the details.

In the last few weeks we have dealt with some famous names including Barry McGuigan, David Guest, Brian Harvey, Jamike Moore (Those seeing the fight will of seen him wearing the White Tyrint’s for his fight last week(available at and Darren from Eastenders(Sorry not sure of real name)

Looking forward to the De La Hoya Vs Mayweather fight and sorry to say I am going, wohoo!

Johny Eames of TKO Gym ordered today and don’t forget to watch the great fight tonight on Contender U.K Vs U.S.A fetauring Ross Minter and it is the fight of the night. Incedently what a great idea, no world title belts on the line and Just good Match Up’s that have caught the Nation’s imagintaion, a good idea.

The Updated site has had a good response( We have not finished yet, keep an eye out for some new features going on) and we are carrying it over to carry on the theme to the blog and forum. The Forum is having some new features added so keep an eye out for that.

We have new stock arriving weekly check on line to see it first. To register for our catalogue go to