Manny Pacquiao won

Manny Pacquiao won a controversial split decision over Juan Manuel Marquez to take the WBC super featherweight title after an great 12-round bout, shown live on Setanta Sports.

Pacquiao (46-3-2, 34 KOs) won two cards 115-112 and 114-113, while Marquez (48-4-1, 35 KOs) took the other 115-112 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

After the first fight myself and many felt Marquez edged despite being awarded a draw, this decision seems twice as harsh on the Mexican fighter.

In Fairness this was a bout that could have been called either way. It gives Pacquiao a unbelievable record against legendary Mexican boxers with victories over future hall of fame’s Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera and now Marquez

Marquez controlled the first two rounds with his superb boxing, but the third round saw lapses in concentration and Pacquiao land his big shots and put Marquez on the canvas with a left hook. He could have been awarded a second knockdown as Marquez was rocked and made to sit on the ropes in the closing stages of the round though Marquez fought back to land quality shots of his own.

Just like the first fight, Marquez showed remarkable resilience to recover from a bad round and from the fifth onwards he began controlling the bout catching Pac Man with straight rights.

In the seventh a clash of heads gave both fighters nasty cuts above the eye and in the eighth it seemed Pacquiao who was suffering more, blinking visibly when he got caught in the face by straight rights, yet it was the body shots that was taking there toll on Pacquiao, as Marquez took control in his best round of the fight.

The ninth saw the bout turn around once more with Marquez’s cut forcing the referee to get the doctor to look at his eye, he was deemed fit to continue and it would of been a tragedy for this fight to of ended with a cut.

Marquez came back with a better 11th round and he seemed to edge the last round also, despite the Philippines fighter catching him with a couple of right hands.

It seemed when boxing Marquez was in complete control, he was renowned for his boxing skills early on in his career and I feel living in the shadows of Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, has seen his style change to being more incline to trade, this has won the general public over, but cost him a result in this fight.

The result could well lead to a third meeting between the two warriors, it was a fantastic display by both fighters and shows why boxing has life in it’s leg’s yet. Pacquiao has previously declared that this would be his last fight at 9st 4, so boxing fans may well wait until Pac Man challenges lightweight champions Nate Campbell or David Diaz. At 34, time is not on Marquez’s side but the evidence of this fight suggests he is far from being finished.

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Kevin Mitchell vs Carl Johanneson (1/3)

Well done Kevin for adding the British title to his commenwealth and adding the valuble scalp of Carl Johanneson to his record. Carl thought he would win and more importantly came to win, a few years back a lot of people thought that Carl would be world class, so it was a good win for Kevin. Both took big shots and Kevin hit Carl with every thing but he kept coming, but Kevin doug deep in the well and turned the fight around to win in the 9th. I am sure it is caricature building and Kevin will have learnt more from-that than his previous 5 fights.

Kevin Mitchell vs Carl Johanneson (2/3)

Kevin Mitchell vs Carl Johanneson (3/3)

Haye V Maccarenelli Fight

If you don’t know the result then look away……..Where have you been anyway??? Haye KO’s Maccarenelli in the 2nd round. Now watch Haye take on the Heavyweights, I don’t totally buy into this fragile David Haye, when he lost to Thompson it was so early in his career and it was fatigue, the man was still smiling, he couldn’t believe it, his head was still working but he was to tired. On the other times he has been rocked/Floored, I honestly think it was weight making leaving him drained, against Maccarenelli he looked stronger having kept busy fighting and training and made the weight with ease. I do buy into the fact his stamina goes 2 thirds of the fight in a bit like De La Hoya, but at heavy weight it will suit him better, a slower pace, with other muscled slower fighters. Because Haye has grown naturally to his side over his 27 years he keeps his speed and power like Lewis did. I think a World Title is more than possible and more like probable. A Haymaker on Wladimir Klitschko chin?

Haye V Maccarenelli Weigh in

Haye looked in great shape and not drained as usual, not going up so much in weight over the last two fights and keeping fighting looks to of done him good. We won’t know for sure until the first bell rings.

Don’t listen to talk that Maccarenelli is out of shape, no one trained by Enzo is! look at Gavin Rees, different people form muscle different, it is all about the engine inside, look at Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Calzaghe etc. To much muscle actually takes the oxygen from your body and drains you as the fight goes on(Jamie Moore told me!). This is going to be great.

I am going to make a great prediction, I am going for a David Haye win, if he loses I will delete this tomorrow, so all RSS subscribers please don’t use this post!!!!!!