Prizefighter Contestant Danny Williams

Prizefighter Contestant and British Heavyweight Champion, Danny Williams, the man who effectively ended the career of Mike Tyson, popped down yesterday for his boxing boots. He is heading up the Heavyweights III bill. Taking place at ExCel in London’s Docklands. It features former British, Commonwealth and European champions going for glory in a night where careers are on the line.

Danny will be joined by among others Olympic gold medallist, Audley Harrison, who will be looking to resurrect his career one more time. Michael Sprott was involved but had to pull out after his sister tragically passed away, we send him our condolences and hope to see him back again soon. It would of been a better contest with him in.

One man also missed and nearing retirement now is Matt Skeleton, He was still chasing bigger Titles, but after his last loss is probably to far out of the mix now. Being over 40 it would be a tough come back and I think we will see him retire now. If this came along a bit later it might of been a good final payday for him and he would of had a good chance of leaving with a title.

Name: Danny Williams
Age: 36
Home town: Brixton, London
Professional record: W41 (31 by KO), L7, D0, No Contest 1. Total 49 fights
Achievement: Current British Champion, fought for WBC title, defeated Mike Tyson

Name: Audley Harrison
Age: 37
Home town: London / Las Vegas
Professional record: W23 (17 by KO), L4, D0. Total 27 fights
Achievement: Olympic Games gold medalist

Name: Scott Gammer
Age: 32
Home town: Pembroke, Wales
Professional record: 18 (9 by KO), L4, D1. Total 23 fights
Achievement: Former British Champion

Name: Scott Belshaw
Age: 24
Home town: Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Professional record: W10 (7 by KO), L2, D0. Total 12 fights
Achievement: Former Irish Amateur Champion

Name: Coleman Barrett
Age: 26
Home town: Galway, Ireland
Professional record: W8 (2 by KO), L0, D0. Total: 8 fights
Achievement: Undefeated

Name: Carl Baker
Age: 27
Home town: Sheffield
Professional record: W8 (6 by KO), L3, D0. Total 27 fights
Achievement: Former British Masters Champion

Name: Danny Hughes
Age: 23
Home town: Sunderland
Professional record: W6 (1 by KO), L0, D1. Total 7 fights
Achievement: Undefeated

Name: Neil Perkins
Age: 27
Home town: Birmingham
Professional record: W4 (1 by KO), L0, D0. Total 4 fights
Achievement: Undefeated

Simply The Best

Chris “Simply The Best” Eubank, who is embarking on a new gym project in Brighton placed an order with us today. He has lost his lisp but has renewed his enthusiasm for boxing and we look forward to seeing his gym develop. We will keep you posted on the details as it nears completion.

Chris’s son who has trained in America as I believe Chris did at the start of his career looks like following in his Dad’s footsteps as a top class professional boxer. He was Amateur Golden Glove Champion for the State of Nevada in his weight division of 165 LB. With his eighth amateur fight he became the Amateur Golden Glove Champion for the Western States of the United States in his weight division. Eubank also made it to the National Golden Glove Championship in Grand Rapid.

The Eubank V Benn fight got me into boxing in a big way and defined boxing for a generation as Rocky got people into the gym’s so did Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn. So it is good to have him back in our sport and maybe his son will inspire the next generation of would be Champions? It’s always a long shot but thats what dreaming is all about.

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