Sugar Bet 2

Amir Khan has shown vast improvement in his defensive skills under Fredie Roach and he believes that Khan will stop his guy, so who am i to argue, he is getting scarry with his predictions. I think Amir is changing his style some what to concentrate on his speed and movement and won’t look for power as he did in the past, but should have enough to wear this guy down.

Kevin Mitchell has done what he has had to so far in his career and is very resiliant never having gone down as an amateur or pro. Brendis has gone a bit back wards in his last couple of fights andl ost last time out, BUT he had the guy down early on so, as we know very dangerous. Prescott won’t have to go looking for Mitchell even though he has been working on movement under Jimmy Tibbs and boxing again. I personaly think that this has no hope of happening and once Breidis try’s to take Kevin’s head off, it will be red rag to a bull. I think Kevin’s chin can last the first couple of rounds and then he will come back, I would not be supprised to see Kevin go down for the first time but am hoping he can do it. I must admit I nearly changed my mind after seeing how small Mighty Mitchell was next to Bredis, but am sticking to my original thoughts that Kevin’s time is hear and he has been to good an amateur and pro to fail, he will get the job done and rise to the challenge.

Amir Kahn to win by KO, TKO or Disqualification 8/13 £8.00 on Potential return £13.00
Kevin Mitchell by KO, TKO or Disqualification 3/1 £8.00 on Potential return £21.00
Kevin Mitchell to win 8/11 3.00 on return 5.00

Total Bets £19.00 (loaned pot £1.00) Potential return £39.00

If you was going to do a double i would do amir Khan win by KO, TKO or disqualification and Kevin Mitchell win.

Please note Sugar Bet is just for fun, don’t put your house on it. Or use it as a form guide or reference. We just thought we would put our money where our mouths are!

2 thoughts on “Sugar Bet 2

  1. We did have a bet on Gavin Rees and Colin Lyens Prizefighter Final and Gavin Rees to win, but didn’t have time to blog it. Those that came in the store and asked I hope you had your money on it! We also had Barker to win inside the distance, will try to blog quicker in the new year!

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