Ashley 'Flash' Sexton Win's English Title

Flash Ash returned to his knockout ways and continued 2010 as his finished 2009 with a devastating knockout punch and first round win. His opponent Usman Ahmed was supposed to be a step up in class and test for Flashley, he may be similar to Naseem Ahmed in ring walk but that is where the comparisons end. Ahmed’s ring walk was ridiculously over the top and did not sit favorably with the crowd who boo’d him from the start and with Flash Ash’s large following this was a lot of booing. Ahmed’s antic’s continued in the ring when he got in Ashley’s face in an intimidation move.

From the opening bell it was apparent that Ahmed, the man that went the distance with former British and Commonwealth champion Chris Edwards and showed some reliance was in for a tough night. Although I never though Ahmed was in Sexton’s class let’s not forget he had never been stopped so this display shows a lot of encouragement for young ash’s future.

Ahmed tried to fight off the back foot and counter Sexton but the power and speed was evidently with the Chesunt man. A great combination from Sexton left Ahmed against the ropes where Ash landed a lovely left and Ash was off, he landed more shots cutting the ring for Ahmed and leaving him on the ropes, he was waved on by Ahmed and Ashley obliged. The knock out was quite frankly brutal, watching it in slow motion showed the extent of power that Ahmed took and the way Ashley turned in to the punch showed great technique.

Ahmed looked to trade blows from the ropes, dropping his left hand Ashley set him up for the Overhand right that exploded, it was a straight knock out an thankfully Ahmed was after a few minutes ok to stand.

I think the British Title fight with Shinny Bayaar is a good fight for Ashley and very winnable one, we should see Ash push on for the Commonwealth and European Titles in the near future. If the likable Chesunt man carries on working as hard, listening to the great team behind him and wanting success as badly as he does, then it will be no shock to see a world title shot from this special fighter in the future.

J Starsky

The Boy's Are Back In Town

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Bero V Mosley off, Now Mayweather?

Andre Berto has pulled out of his fight with Shane Mosley after losing family members in the Haiti earthquake. Berto is said to of been emotionally drained from the event and had no option but to cancel his fight. Among the affected are his sister and niece, who are alive but homeless. Andre was said to be reluctant to cancel his dream fight but felt he needed to be 100% focused on the fight with the recent tragedy in Haiti affecting so many people and sending shock waves world wide no one can blame the recent tragedy taking it’s toll. In a statement he said:

“Since the 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti on Tuesday evening, I have been focusing on my family and the Haitian people who are facing an inconceivable battle for survival while still trying to continue to prepare for an opportunity I have dreamt of since childhood,” he said in a statement.

“I lost several family members to the earthquake and after two days without word, was relieved to learn that my sister, Naomi and her daughter, Jessica survived, but were left homeless.

“I have seen the pain in my parents’ eyes as they attempt to understand what has happened to our homeland and recognize a place they once called home.

“As a result of this disaster, I am mentally and physically exhausted and therefore I have no choice but to withdraw from my bout on January 30th.

“Throughout the past six days, I have received an incredible outpouring of support, and I sincerely appreciate everyone’s prayers for the people of Haiti. I hope that everyone will continue to keep the Haitian people in their thoughts and prayers as we work to rebuild this proud nation.

“The rebuilding of Haiti is not something that will happen overnight, but I am fully dedicated to helping the Haitian people recover from this catastrophic event.”

The postponement meanwhile has opened up talk of three-weight world champion Mosley being lined up to face Floyd Mayweather. Both are promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and with Mayweather’s proposed clash with Manny Pacquiao Off. If Mayweather fight’s then he will want a top class opponunt and Pound for Pound top ten fighter, Mosley fit’s the bill, especially after beating Antonio Margarito in his only bout of 2009.

This is certainly a worthy fight for Mayweather, Mosley is a boxer of some pedigree and ex Pound for Pound king, he is a big guy at the weight, making the fight more attractive and his win over Mararito was not only surprising but the way he defeated him was a shock. Mosley is a big name in not just the USA and looks to fit the bill perfectly.

Bring it on…..!

J Starsky