Ashley Sexton Interview

Ashley Sexton in this video talks about his recent English Title win a. It looks like Flash Ash is down to fight Shinny Bayaar on the 14th May in London for the British Title, but he has told us even with out a belt he wants to fight Chris Edwards and believes he can stop him and Shinny on a way to Future Commonwealth and European belts.

After meeting with Ashley at Monsters Gym in Cheshunt he told me the gap between European and World Level at the Flyweights and Super Flyweight division is hugh, which is why he spars Ian Naper a bantamweight. Speaking after his return from sparring Jerome Arnold European Champion at The Ring Boxing Gym, he is looking to spar abroad in America and Mexico and arrangements are under way. One thing is for sure Flash Ash in his bid to win a World Title is lacking neither ambition or enthusiasm to reach the summit and is certainly willing to put the airmiles in to be the best he can.

J Starsky