Rival Boxing Visionary? Yes They Are!

Rival Boxing Visionary? Yes They Are! Rival’s innovations in boxing are changing the industry and this is just the start of it. Rival are proud to be the first in the boxing world to use d30 Intelligent Shock Absorption in there new line of equipment.

d30 Intelligent Shock Absorption is a patented shock absorbing material, engineered with Intelligent Molecules. At slow speeds teh molecules inside d30 flow freely making it soft and flexible, whereas at high speeds teh molecules lock together to become an excellent shock absorber.

d30 offers considerable more protection than convential foams, making it perfect solution to enhance the internal protection in equipment and accessories.

As an example, with our new d30 Intelli-Shock Bag Gloves, seeing as the d30 hardens upon contact, not only have they been able to reduce the amount of energy transferred to the body by 40% (compared to most super bag gloves on the market), which means there is a drastic reduction of stress upon impact, but they have also been able to make the glove approximately 38% (compared to most Gel bag gloves on the market) lighter than regular bag gloves with gel technology available on the market.

The Rival d30 ntelligent Shock Absorption products are shown here

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