Dentist Made Mouth Guards – Are you getting a Good Deal?

Years ago, the only Gumshields available was cheap boil and bite mouthguards, many contact sports did not make you wear them and those where it was in the rules didn’t always enforce it. Sound’s mad right, Not wearing a mouth guard or buying the cheapest available, but they just simply wasn’t available on the market.

Now day’s that has all changed and not only because safety has improved but no one really want’s to loose any teeth and have expensive dental treatment, the cost of a top quality tooth protector is small in comparison and generally people want the best level of protection available to them. But where did it start?

Shock Doctor came and changed every thing in the self-fit gum shield market, now you could get a product that didn’t just shield your teeth but offer other protection from more serious injures resulting in blows to the head with accidental or intentional within contact sports. Then we had Brain-Pad revolutionise the double gumshields market with a mouthguard that helped prevent ko’s. The problem we often found with these products was the fit of the mouthguard itself, often bulky, slightly uncomfortable and of course the dreaded gag. No many people brought up with gumshields they are second nature but for many old school boxers and rugby players etc, they were simply unnatural, so they stuck with cheap gum shields. Finally Opro hit the market, their system with the fin system moulded around the teeth and the result was a less bulky mouthguard with superior fit compared with the current products on the market.

All good products, that have changed and advanced the market at a good price but essentially though these products are all self fit, they mould to your teeth but not to your gum line which believe it or not is the most important part of a mouth guard to get the correct protection and fit. They are also not bespoke in length causing you to gag because they are to long and trigger your gag reflex. So the perfect answer go to the dentist, where your get an impression made mouth guard that fits your teeth. But did you know some of the Dentist products off the shelf are machine finished meaning that they still don’t fit that all important gumline.

So you go to the dentist and they send your impressions where to get your mouth guard? well quite simply they go to a dental labatory that hey use, they may or may not specialize in making mouthguards and they may make many or just a few, without asking you wont know. They may have developed a specialized mouthguard or be using techniques from years ago, without asking you won’t know. So when Piranha approached us about their Dental mouth guards, we were quite simply blown away. Let me tell you a bit about them and why the mouthguard market is about to be revolutionised again.

The Piranha guard custom fit mouthguard comes complete with everything you need to create your bespoke dentist’s gumshield, made by a GDC registered dental technicians in their state of the art dental lab that specialises in innovative techniques in mouthguard technology, ensuring you are getting the best dental mouth guard available without having to go to your dentist or paying over the top prices to get the best mouth guard available. I have seen people paying £80-£120.00 on a dental mouth guard and heard horror stories of more than that.

Piranha Mouthguards are completely hand made and finished to fit your teeth and gums, many bespoke gum shields available are machine finished, meaning they don’t fit your gums correctly, believe it or not the most important part of mouth guard protection. Developed by Roots Dental Laboratory, Designed by Dentists, Tested by Athletes and Scientifically Proven.

As used by Boxing Stars such as James De Gale, Enzo Maccarinelli and Martin Murray

Simply Return your dental impression in the freepost bag provided and Receive your custom fit Mouthguard back in 7 days.

Benefits of a custom fit Mouthguard / Gumshield:

- Improved Performance
- Increased Strength
- Maximum Comfort
- Injury Prevention

Piranha Guards are a perfect fit to not only your teeth but your gum line. The specialist design ensures that your Piranha Guard is comfortable and it will not make you gag. All Piranha Guards are hand crafted by registered Dental Technicians and are based on an exact replica of your mouth. They are made to an optimum scientific thickness to ensure proper protection. Our products are similar to what you would get from the Dentist, only better and are the best mouthguards available on the market.

Kit Includes:
- Impression putty (2 x colour, 2 X white)
- 2 impression trays
- Instruction guide
- Impression medical bag
- Free Post Return envelope (No Postal Charges to send your impression off or recieve your custom mouth guard back)

When you get your bespoke, custom fit mouthguard back, it even comes with a stylish carry tin!

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 9 years old. If you wear a brace or another fixed orthodontic appliance, the Piranha Guard impression system may not be suitable. We need to know the age of the person who will be wearing the mouthguard so we send the correct impressions kit, please leave in the message box at the time of ordering.

We can offer you a full range of Dental Mouth guards made by Roots Dental Laboratory from brand’s Piranha Guard and Ampro and quite simply they are the best on the market. At a fraction of the Price, we do three ranges of dentist made moutuguards with that all important stylish designs that are the best you will find at

Piranha Guard Custom Fit Dentist Premium Mouthguard £55.00
Piranha Guard Custom Fit Dentist Team Mouthguard £45.00
Ampro Custom Made Dentist Pro Mouthguard £45.00

By J Starsky

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