Olympics 2012

Well the Olympics is well underway and the GB team is amassing a tally of medals to be proud of and it’s fair to say that the Boxing Squad that has been assembled is looking to get a few around their neck.

When you think back to Athens and our loan representative was Amir Khan and rewind 4 years ago to our great performance with Sugar Ray’s customer James DeGale getting Gold, Tony Jeffries and David Price getting Bronze, if it hadnt been for Amir I think the boxing landscape would of been a different proposition. One boxer to the Olympic games was a poor return on lottery money and if he hadn’t of got a Medal they were on the verge of pulling there funding for the sport.

Fast forward to today and we know have an Olympic System to rival any country with facilities and coaches to match. 10 Boxers including 3 women with women’s boxing featuring at an Olympic games for the first time and we have assembled our greatest squad through one of the worlds hardest qualification system. British boxing is on a high and has been a joy to watch on the TV.

We have been lucky enough to of dealt with the Irish, GB, South African, Indian, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, Honduras, Boxing, Wrestling and Weightlifting squads at this Olympics as well as many individuals from these sports and others. All these people are looking to do there countries proud and from all at Sugar Ray’s we salute you, the knock on impact from Medals being won is hard to gauge, but I do know the impact from them not being won is easy, less funding and less new people taking up these sports. The effort of these people helps so many other young people, industries and business as well as the most important factor, the “Feel Good” one. So enjoy people, the greatest boxing squad GB has ever sent to an Olympic games.

S Starskey

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