Opro360 RespiBelt – Breathing Training Device

A breathing training device developed at Loughborough University for Opro has helped to prepare Britain’s Mo Farah and America’s Galen Rupp to claim the Olympic Gold and Silver medals in the men’s 10,000 metres.

The innovative next generation training device fits around the lower chest and ribcage to provide a training load to the breathing muscles as the chest expands during breathing. It works by restricting oxygen flow, hence making the intercostal muscles work much harder and become stronger in the training environment.

It is easy to work, light, affordable comes in different sizes and does not hinder training like some other oxygen training devices can.

The Nike Oregon Project Team of athletes including Farah and Rupp uses RespiBelt as part of the athletes’ training preparations for the London Olympics 2012. The multi-national running team is directed by world-leading coach Alberto Salazar.

“RespiBelt acts like a dumbbell for the breathing muscles, loading them without restricting the ribcage. Improved breathing muscle efficiency means more oxygen reaches the exercising muscles leading to increased strength, power and endurance,” said Ross Weir, co-founder and innovation director at Progressive Sports Technologies, a spin-out company from Loughborough University Sports Technology Institute. He continued: “Athletes can adjust the belt to vary the intensity; pulled tighter for a higher load brings strength and power gains while exercising at a lower load for longer benefits endurance events such as the 10,000 metres.”

The benefits of training the breathing muscles have been well researched and validated. Building on the extensive research supporting the use of mouth-held inspiratory muscle training devices such as Powerbreathe. Opro and Loughborough University explored whether similar results could be achieved using RespiBelt. Results have been really encouraging and we are excited that athletes across a wide range of sports are starting to adopt the product.

Why a Compression Belt?

Unlike mouth based training devices, RespiBelt loads the breathing muscles around the ribcage using compressive elastic fabrics. This means that training of the breathing muscles can be achieved as the same time as other forms of training i.e. while out on a run, on your bike, in the pool, sparring etc. This provides the vital benefits of ‘training specificity’ to the physiological adaptations made. It’s simply not practical to train with a mouth based device in the same way or for all your training program, although the use of both products as part of your training regimen can be beneficial.


Two key physiological mechanisms are improved. The first is a direct increase in breathing muscle efficiency allowing you to work harder for longer at the same level of exertion. The second is the delay of a cardiovascular reflex that protects the respiratory system of which the breathing muscles are a part, which reduces the availability of blood to the exercising limbs to prevent critical respiratory fatigue. Delaying this reflex maintains exercise performance for longer. Exercising with RespiBelt brings about training benefits that can boost physical performance.

Key Benefits of the Opro 360 Respi Belt:

• Added resistance for muscles of breathing
• Adjustable to change training load on the breathing muscles
• Can help provide you with a competitive edge
• Real time respiratory training during exercise
• A ‘dumbbell’ for muscles of breathing
• Simple to use
• UK innovation, manufacturing and materials
• Backed by scientific research and developed in partnership with Progressive Sports Technologies at the Sports Technology Institute, Loughborough University
• The Oregon Project Team, run by world leading coach, Alberto Salazar, uses RespiBelt as part of the athletes’ training preparations.

Available in Sizes XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge.

XSmall 75cm – 80cm 29.5” – 31.5”
Small 81cm – 88cm 31.9” – 34.6”
Medium 89cm – 96cm 35” – 37.8”
Large 97cm – 106cm 38.2” – 41.7”
XLarge 107cm – 118cm 42.1” – 46.5”

RespiBelt is available to buy online at Sugar Ray’s Here

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