Sugar Ray’s January Sale

At Sugar Ray’s we are on sale 365 days a year 24-7, but this year we have put up a On Special section to show some of our already great deals and we have also added some new heavily reduced boxing equipment and clothing to it.

We have put on sale the best selling adidas Box Rival II, Tuf-Wear Gym Spar Glove, adidas Training Glove the adidas Ultima Sparring Glove and many more products all found here

We don’t buy poor quality equipment and we only deal with the most premium brands and innovative companies. We don’t get large quantities of stock left, that won’t sell and people wont buy unless reduced, because we only sell the best. So what we did was picked some of our best sellers to give you the best products at the best prices. Bottom line is any company can offer the best club prices and sell say a skipping rope at a pound, but as they say “cheap is, what cheap does”. A pound skipping rope will not last and you will have to buy many to last as long as our say very robust, club quality Ampro Adjustable Speed Rope

So because Sugar Ray’s do things a little different like bringing you the best exclusive brands and products from boxing companies like Ampro, Tuf-Wear, Title, Top-Ten and Fighting Sports. As well as major boxing brands like Adidas. We have put the items that you really want on sale to give you a better deal, while still selling you high quality and value boxing equipment. Sugar Ray’s giving you more than just cheap boxing equipment, reducing prices without reducing service..

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