Wrapping Hands

I read an article in a well know daily newspaper by Frank Warren about the need to wrap hands properly. While in the column it stated amateur boxers are allowed to wear hand wraps that are 2 meters long, this is incorrect and when you fight as an amateur you are only allowed to wear 2.5m adidas aba handwraps and as the article say’s with just two inches of zinc oxide tape to secure your wraps at your wrists. This is the rules and why it does seem inefficient the protection afforded to an amateur boxers hands with aiba gloves is immense, especially when compared to a professional boxers with pro style contest gloves like the punchers style cleto reyes which favour punch power over protection is immense. The fact that an amateur boxer is hitting a nicely padded aiba headguard and not a head also helps no end.

When an amateur boxer trains they should be looking after the tools of the trade to a much greater extent, I understand that you will have a more padded sparring glove on, but you will often work for a longer period of time than you will in a fight and throw many more punches on pad’s , punchbags and during sparring, than you will during you’re boxing bout. Why the boxing Board of Control advice on wrapping hands procedures and rules, amateur boxing needs to do more to help protect hands.

As Frank Warren said and you can read the full column here “The fists essentially serve as the tools of the trade to the prizefighter and every precaution must be taken to safeguard them. Too often, the damage can be traced to the formative stages of the boxer’s amateur career where the youngsters hands are wrapped either by willing but untutored volunteer coaches or, more commonly, by the young boxer themselves.”

Hopefully this is something that the ABA will pick up on, not every one can afford the sort of hand repair procedures that stars such as David Price, Tony Bellew, Tony Jeffries, all three Smith brothers (Paul, Stephen and Liam), Joey Selkirk, Kal Yafai and Bradley Saunders have had done. So preventing and limiting hand damage is vital. We always recommend boxer’s wrap there hands well and seeking advice from expert boxing hand wrappers. Using Zinc oxide tape and gauze bandages is essential.

At www.sugarrays.co.uk we sell the largest range of tape and gauze available from any boxing store and sell a BBBoC approved hand wrap kit and BBBoC Pro Wrap Gauze that Dean Powell helped to design and endorse. Dean is an expert at wrapping hands and will often will take up to half an hour to meticulously wrap a fighter’s hands. He went to First Aid 4Sport with an idea of a wrap that does not stretch length way’s but does in width, this is great in sports like that require padding to be applied to the hands, this allows a fairly rigid bandage to hold the hand bones in place but allows the fingers to move up and down.

If the hands are the tool to your trade as a professional boxer, then I dare say you are following the old adage to look after them, but remember if you are an amateur boxer with aspirations of turning professional or a long amateur career, start wrapping your hands now. Undergloves should only be used for light work, beginners and casual trainers. If your serious about boxing use handwraps and tape or better still gauze, padding and tape.