Cleto Reyes Review

Cleto Reyes Castro was born on April 26th 1920 in Mexico City. Cleto had to start working at the age of 12 in a saddlery that manufactured baseball goods. In 1938, cleto reyes took part in an amateur fight and his performance was so outstanding that the public ended up throwing coins into the ring floor; however, the pounding was so hard that he was convinced not to fight again. He chose, instead, to mead the gloves he had used during the fight and this started his career in glove manufacture. subsequently his gloves obtained the approval of the local boxing commission (COMBOX DF), and in 1945 the Cleto Reyes gloves were used in a world championship fight for first time on “La Condesa Arena” was the setting of the fight between the second Mexican Champion, Juan Zurita, and Ike Williams. Currently, Cleto Reyes products have a prominent place in the international market and are exported to five continents with the approval of the main world organizations. Cleto Reyes truly are the “Gloves of the Champions” sometimes called the punchers gloves or referred to as mexican gloves. If you hear a brand saying mexican style they mean a Cleto Reyes copy, unfortunately for these brands mexican leather is unique and all Cleto Reyes Gloves are manufactured in there own factory still run by the Reyes family, imitation is impossible to the Cleto Reyes standard.

Floor To Ceiling Balls


Floor to Ceiling Balls are great for hand-eye coordination, agility, speed, balance and reaction time. Sugar Ray’s stock a great range of floor to ceiling ball from home use to pro gym standard. You don’t have to be a boxer to get the same workout and benefits for using the floor to ceiling ball.

Sugar Ray's Look Good, Feel Good……Fight Good!

Sugar Ray’s custom wear section shows a variety of boxing shorts, vests, poncho’s, gown’s, ring jackets and corner jackets. There are some custom off the peg designs available to buy and examples of bespoke items you can design for yourself. For a Free quote fax us your design on 0845 260 6227 or post it to us. For your convenience there is a custom form available to print from the custom wear button on the right hand side. Have what the professional’s wear, we have designed shorts for many professionals as seen on Sky Sports. You can also have your Designs made by top boxing Brands Lonsdale and Ampro.
Sugar Ray’s Look Good, Feel Good……Fight Good!

Taurus Mens Speed Rope

Taurus Mens Speed Rope

The World’s Best Skipping Rope??? are available to buy online at Sugar Ray’s
The Taurus range of skipping/jump ropes are unique in their design because Albert Rayner “World Record Holder” designed them. Albert’s unbroken record for almost 30 years, as listed in the “Guinness Book of Records 1976″ is “108 skips in 10 seconds”.

The revolutionary design means the rope revolves around the handle and not into it. The rope itself is manufactured to the correct hardness to ensure that it will not knot in flight however fast one is skipping. The design of the fittings is unique, permitting natural speed skipping straight from the wrists.

The Taurus ropes come in standard 9′ lengths and can be cut to fit the exact required size. To view visit

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Billericay Boxing Club Enrolling for new members now!
Did you know Boxing can, improve your balance, posture, hand-eye co-ordination, speed and strength.
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Billericay Boys & Amatuer Boxing Club, affilliated to the Amateur Boxing Association & National Association of Boys Clubs. Contact us on 0845 260 6226 or for details.