Supplements. The difference between winning and losing can be minute and any edge can help. Our range of sports supplements can help improve performane and aid recovery. Certain supplements when used with training can help to reduce body fat levels and aid muscle growth and even help you train longer and harder, as well as reduce the risk of injuries or aid recovery time. What ever your training goal you can find the supplement here to aid you in your goals.

You wouldn’t put cheap fuel in a fine sports car would you?

Speedball Platforms

Speedball Platforms are great for hand-eye coordination, agility, speed, balance and reaction time. Sugar Ray’s stock a great range of Adjustable and fixed platform from home use to pro gym standard. You don’t have to be a boxer to get the same workout and benefits for using the speedball frame.

Skipping Ropes

Skipping Ropes are a great piece of equipment used by boxers, the skipping rope, or Jump Rope and Speed Rope as it is sometimes called, is great as a serious exercise work out, not just for boxers but for the keep fit and training fan, offering a fun and varied workout. Using a skipping rope is an excellent aid for cardio exercise. Skipping rope are great value for money, and you won’t get many better workouts for the cost of a skipping rope.


Rival Boxing Equipment

Rival Boxing Equipment is now available exclusively in the U.K through Sugar Ray’s, the superb boxing equipment designed by Coach Russ Aber lives up to it’s technical boxing gear tag, it is quite simply the most fantastic boxing range we have ever seen! Have a look yourselves at

It joins our fantastic range of established U.K brands and the best of the rest from overseas including the largest range of Everlast in the U.K if not Europe and Rival and Tuf-Wear.


Our inter – company (pixelwork vs Sugar Ray’s) powerball championships are under way…. Latest Scores:


Sugar Ray’s

Scores to follow………
We would like to take this oppurtunity to point out we are strugling through injuries and form, we have set up a training camp in Equador for high altitude training and we will be in touch to post our scores soon(after practice!)
Have a look below for how it is done!(pixelwork did try and pass this off as a ringer and the PA, Powerball Assosiation are looking into a possible points reduction or fine against them.)